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27-Feb-2018 07:13

I would rather be a corrections officer patrolling a prison rodeo than step into this place wearing a Chiefs jersey.

And the owner is Al Davis, so you know he doesn’t give a shit who lives or dies at his place of business.

They leave it all on the field – well, in the stands – and head home without a voice, already planning for the week ahead.

These fans live for football on Saturdays and have been dreaming of the opening kickoff ever since the final whistle blew last season.

definitely not in the best performances by their standards due to the Script. By all means Dr Shaw is not the best Character, but anyone who sees some of Noomis other work can surely see given a Character Arc/Change for Dr Shaw and there was potential.

Big Dave Jul-31-2017 PMLooks very interesting and i think this has the potential to show some of the versatility of Noomi Rappace, i dont have Netflix but i am considering it and Amazon as well i pay £50 of my Cable Bill for Sky Movies/Sports and i like watch 2-3 movies and 5-7 Sports events a Month so i dont make much use of it.

Virtually every fan adhered to the all-white dress code, but as a visiting player put it, “That’s not scary, that’s not intimidating.

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Only one of these scenarios hasn’t happened in the past twenty years. This place is HELL for any visiting team, and something far worse should you be a rival.

Which fan bases will provide the most intimidating atmosphere in 2015?

The ones that will rise before the sun every Saturday to fill their bellies with whiskey and pork, while sharing stories of both triumph and tribulation from years past, and discussing the glory that lies ahead as they drift into a half-conscious, fanatic trance.

Loyalty insures that your ballclub will get your revenue up and your players paid. But loyalty itself doesn’t do much in the way of terrifying other teams who step inside your house.

A perfect example was the effort of the Miami Heat to create a “whiteout” during home playoff games.

She plays 7 characters named after the days of the week, who live in a dystopian future plagued by over population. All were movies I would've NEVER ever seen I found on there. i know Rappace got some stick for Prometheus but i think she is a very underrated Actress and so a lot was to do with the Script....

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