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I can paint little circles, I can paint squares; I can use purple and red and I don’t have to answer to a soul.There is really no better gift than to be able to create your story and share it with people.I don’t have much a relationship because they’re too far away.I’m going to ask you a question, and I know you’ll tell me the truth.It’s about what people can take of what I give them and make their own decisions.A few tense moments and surprising (if not entirely shocking) revelations aside, what follows is — with minor edits for the sake of clarity, length and adult language — a transcription of the conversation that took place between Shelby Lynne and myself.

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Eventually, I realize I’m not about to be banished and we settle back into our discussion about her music.

It’s really an honor if people want to take your songs, look at them and ask you about them.